The “My little guidebook” project started in 2013.
Volunteers from Tokachi came together and started working with a pure and simple motivation, “to spread the charm of Tokachi to the world”.
This movie was financed by grants and funds from the local government, companies and individuals from the community. The movie is available on Youtube for free.
This was a completely new form of movie production because the idea was to make the movie itself public goods.
We believe interesting and valuable things are not only in the big cities but they come from the countryside.
Up until now, things of interest were gathered at showcases in metropolitan areas
but today we can create them in the countryside and spread them to the world directly. Toshiya Kubo,
a producer from the world renowned Sapporo International Short Film Festival, said,
“This team has a passion for their hometown and they are creating the movies of tomorrow”.
Tokachi is an area with beautiful nature located in the middle of Hokkaido.
After driving about 2 hours from the International airport, tourists will be moved by the magnificent sceneries of the open fields of Tokachi.
From outdoor activities like fishing and skiing, to gourmet and hot springs and more, Tokachi is filled with wonderful tourist attractions.
During the winter it has the highest percentage of clear weather in Japan making the winter days sunny with blue skies.
It is perfect for driving and enjoying outdoor activities. There are many natural phenomenons you can only witness in Tokachi.
They are worth looking at (you will see them in the movie). Tokachi is known as Food Valley and highly conscious about their produce and food.
The vegetables and meats of Tokachi are recognized overseas as the TOKACHI BRAND. But the best part about Tokachi is the people.
With its long history of agriculture, the people of Tokachi survived the years by helping one another.
The warmth of the people in Tokachi will surely warm up the hearts of tourists and remain a fond memory in their heart.
We feel that this is a completely new kind of movie. It features many people and locations that actually exist, but it is also a fusion of dramatic fiction and Tokachi’s non-fiction.
We hope many people will watch this movie and add Tokachi to their list of potential trip destinations. The people of Tokachi will welcome you with open arms.
Lastly, I would like to thank everybody who contributed to the production of this film. Thank you so much.

Yoshiro Osaka

It is been two years since the summer edition and it is now wintertime, our heroine Chichi, who has started working at “fune” visits Tokachi once again. At the lodge, Chichi meets Shelly, a study abroad student from Taiwan, who introduces her to local tourism spots and the lives of the people in the community. Chichi then runs into Luke, an Australian artist who creates his artwork using ice crystals and snowflakes as a recurring theme. As Chichi captures through her camera lens the winter sceneries and the people she meets, she begins to discover new charms that the winter wonderland of Tokachi has to offer.

「My little guidebook -ice- 」

「My little guidebook -ice- 」Official Trailer

「My little guidebook 夏編 (2014)」

Director & Writer
Yoshiro Osaka

Filmmaker. Born in 1980, based in Tokyo.
After directing commercials for global corporations in and outside of Japan, he produced many pieces as a movie director.
In 2014 he directed the summer edition of “My little guidebook”. For the sequel, “My Little guidebook Ice”,
he stayed in Tokachi throughout the entire winter and committed himself to the film.
He spent a month on location hunting in the vast fields of Tokachi while writing the script and also traveled 8000km in his car.
Although this is a personal opinion of Osaka, the Takenoko Miso Butter Corn Ramen of “Sanpei” in Obihiro city is a must try menu,
a favorite that he has been eating for 20 years.


Robin (guitar, vocal) / Hide(guitar).
After traveling around the world and experiencing various careers and backgrounds, Robin and Hide settled in Minami Yamashiro Village, Kyoto.
These two artists go beyond where you’re from or what genre you like.
They started working together as Suelu in 2011. In 2012 they released their album “00” from their own label, GARDENERS CLUB.
They sing about new values and perspectives that come from life in the countryside.
They traveled to Tokachi during the winter to get inspiration and some hints on the music they would compose for the movie.
They fell in love with the Tsukemen (dip noodle) they had at “Denraku”, a hot spring district of Kotachigawa.

Nobu Awata

Born in 1982 in Tokyo. He is a versatile artist capable of producing, sound recording, and architecture.
With his Mandarin Chinese and English abilities, he married a beautiful women from Taiwan and produces various projects on a global basis from Taiwan.
When the summer edition was released, he was named as the sightseeing ambassador of Tokachi.
He shoots the cast and beautiful sceneries of Tokachi and spreads the word abroad as the ambassador.
He managed to survive the harsh -18 Celsius conditions during the shoot with “Curry udon with croquette”.

Director of photography
Shinya Matsuo

Born in 1980 in Yamaguchi. 173cm tall, skinny. He always wears white T-shirts and jeans.
He started collaborating with Yoshiro (Director) in ad production. He uses his bare hands to control the camera even when it’s -20 Celcius out.
He does not hesitate to put his hands under the ice on the lake or hold on a fox outside for many hours.
He is a director of photography you can count on in harsh conditions.
His favorite beer during the shoot was “Tabi Beer”, a craft beer brand of Tokachi, known for it is fruity taste.

Executive Producer: Tetsuya Kashio Katsuhiko Hayashi / Producer : Nobu Awata
Cinematographer: Shinya Matsuo / Lighting director: Yoshiyuki Morishita / Sound mixer: Toshihiko Harashinai/Editor: Yoshiro Osaka
Air director : Kei Itsutsuji / Stylist: Yohei Yoshida/Hair make-up: Koki Taishima / Line Producer : Ryuta Hashimoto / Co-writer : Hsinyu Lin
Colorist : Nicola Gasparri (after, Mumbai) / Associate Producer : Hirokazu Nakamura Takenori Osaka
Production company: Geek sight (Japan) Passages (Taiwan) / Planner : Waigaya Tokachi
Main Location : Kamishihoro, Shintoku, Shikaoi, Obihiro (all town and city in TOKACHI, Hokkaido)
Sponsored by Airbnb, HOTEL NUPKA, JIA Inc, Nobels, Snow Peak, Obihiro Shinkin Bank, Obiun Tours, Tokachi Bus, and UNITRAND